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Homage to Hitchcock masterpiece


Virtual reality is not just new technology but also a new medium, a new way of telling stories by putting the viewer in the center of the scene. We wanted to revisit and pay tribute to one of the many mythical scenes of the film, those who had a genuine visual and emotional impact on the audience and allow the user to pass through the screen.

The birds

We hesitated a lot about choosing a scene to be transposed. Being in the very first scene projected in public by the Lumière brothers or the famous Matrix bullets timelapse? The Birds of Alfred Hitchcock was definitely one of the most difficult film to shoot in his career from a technical point of view. The result of the scenes are truly astonishing for the means of the time (no green screen!) where the birds seem to get through the screen.

Will you feel the same anguish in VR?
The Birds teaser